Atlas Music Academy

The Atlas Music Academy provides a space for deep musical learning
in a thought provoking setting that cultivates creativity, talent, care, and resilience.

 9th Edition by Atlas Summer Music Academy

Stage & Concours de Musique

At a time when many seek to build walls, we need music to build bridges.

William Harvey

The 2017 Edition will take place in Beni Mtir Village in the Northwest of Tunisia.
Students, counselors, and faculty will come together from United States, Turkey and Tunisia for 10 days of high level instruction, collaboration, creativity, cultural exploration, and music making.

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Atlas Music Academy

Atlas Music Academy is an educational summer music festival in Beni Mtir, Tunisia conducted in partnership with Cultures in Harmony, an American NGO.

Cultures in Harmony (CiH) has enjoyed a positive and long-running presence in Tunisia for 10 years and provides American artist faculty and curriculum and strategic development to its partnership with the Atlas Foundation.

The festival offers daily instruction in piano, voice, violin, viola, guitar, songwriting, and choir by CiH participants.

Additionally, students are offered several elective classes in improvisation and dance, as well as a daily